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“I am always observing, always in my head. I am not social with words, I express another way. My feelings are in my paintings; they are very happy, that is the real me.” Alberto Murillo

Alberto Murillo’s art studio is above my favorite yoga studio. I first met Murillo on the patio outside. He was wearing a type of gas mask spraying acrylic mixed with resin on three particle boards, creating a commissioned triptych in shades of aqua and green.

Tampa based, Murillo is a native of Spain. His creative career began with interior design; he began painting, working in oil and acrylic, at different periods creating figurative and realistic paintings. As his painting evolved he incorporated resin mixed with acrylic.

He describes his choice, “My medium resin provides an organic experience. It has movement, almost a life of its own." Resin does not dry instantly. "It continues to move after I leave the studio. I start each piece with a clear vision of an intended composition, yet sometimes the result is better than my original vision.”

The result is “abstract expressionism.” Murillo's paintings are engaging. Modern, contemporary works are not always easily accessible. But I found these paintings engaging and expressive. The colors are vibrant and fun. They are joyful. In person, they convey a sense of warmth. They pop.

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The paintings are very large in scale and heavy. Vibrant color is indicative of his newer work, darker more translucent color blocks  define the “Industrial Chic Series.” The “Luxe” body of work, which I like far more that I would have imagined, includes sandblasted pop art images representative of luxury brands and consumer items. Such images as the focus of a painting can go well or wrong. In this case, it goes well.

Murillo is a self- taught artist. English is not his first language, in conversation he carefully searches for the correct words to describe his inspiration and creative process. “Creating is a very intuitive process for me; through my artwork I am able to share who I really am. I strive to balance composition and the expression of what I feel. I know how to combine colors from intuition.

My visual memory is strong; I am always observing. Nature, fashion, popular culture are represented in my work, sometimes literally sometimes with explosions of color.” He is critical about the result, Murillo will “leave” any work that does not express his view or he believes will not engage the viewer in a way he intended.  

Murillo has exhibited extensively. He enjoys the public experiencing his work. “Often people tell me how uplifting my work is. And that is what it is about for me. There is nothing better than to move people with your work.

It is my hope the viewer is moved by the joy in my art.”

Alberto Murillo

Alberto Murillo

Alberto Murillo is represented by Baisden Gallery, Tampa and Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston.

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