Periscope Anyone?

Periscope, Twitter's live streaming app, is being utilized more and more during Tampa Bay art events. Photographer Joseph Gamble streamed his recent artist talk at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts this month. An artist participating in an HCC Ybor Performing Arts Gallery show in May streamed her opening. Local artists are utilizing Periscope for both content and connection. Painter Paula Brett uses Periscope to stream live painting and offer a talk on  ways to inspire creativity. She recently participated in Pass The Talent, an internationally hosted pass the scope ( peri - scope) evening featuring visual artists. Brett likens periscope to "video radio where you can tune into different stations and everyone has their own show." She also notes "it is a small community on the app right now, and it is easy to separate out the good content."

Matt Larson, half of Boxfotos with fellow photographer Rebecca Sexton Larson, compares Periscope to "broadcast television. Live anytime, as long as there is cellular service." 

Matt Larson, Boxfotos, on Periscope

Matt Larson, Boxfotos, on Periscope

Matt uses Periscope to develop a new audience for Boxfotos, a mobile studio and classroom housed in a 23' Airstream. The couple take the Airstream on photo safaris, but a former Saturday he was at home, streaming out of his backyard, utilizing his portable darkroom to instruct his audience on the wetplate historic photographic process. Of course, not everyone has a portable darkroom they can set up in their backyard or outside their airstream, but everyone with wifi and a cell phone can get in on Periscope. A quick google search will help you learn more, but let me add a few caveats.

You still want a physical audience. The sports world learned the power of Periscope during the Maywather and Paquiao boxing match, when audience member's live streamings offered free what many had paid for on pay for view. Perhaps don't stream your entire art show before it opens to the public. A little teaser of the art may inspire a visit.  Theatre companies, already contending with cellphones ringing may have to contend with live streaming. Also Periscope disappears after a few days, don't count on your content for an upcoming web series without saving.

Interested new users will be pleased to know, Periscope allows your audience to respond, comment, and yes, even like your content in the form of hearts.

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