"Peace for Paris"

"Peace for Paris, Jean Jullien

"Peace for Paris, Jean Jullien

"I thought we needed a message for peace." - Jean Jullien

Art was the mechanism many used to share their solidarity with France, and hope for peace, after a series of brutal and demoralizing terror attacks in Paris. 'Peace for Paris", a simple, rough drawing of the Eiffel Tower was reportedly retweeted and reposted upwards of 100,000 times.  First in original form, sometimes altered with the national flag colors of France. 

"Peace for Paris" is the work of French graphic artist and illustrator, Jean Jullien. He created the image while traveling, after hearing the news. "It was my most direct reaction," Jullien shared with The Telegraph. "I felt like communicating something that made me and everybody very upset. It was just my way of sharing my reaction, of sharing a need for peace and solidarity in the face of such a disaster."

After Jullien tweeted the image, it was mistakenly credited as the work of the artist Banksy. Ironically, Banksy, an artist that often creates his work subversively on public buildings, is not on Facebook or Twitter. Jullien was "unconcerned. I thought we needed a message for peace."

Speaking of his "Peace for Paris" image: "Words can sometimes be difficult to translate. I think the simpler, the better, the more universally understood it can be."

For many, Jullien's art conveyed the message.