Founded in 2017, Sight Lines is authored by Jenny Carey,  a long time Tampa Bay art columnist intimately acquainted with art through work and play. Jenny began to write about art when working in Ybor City, then rich in artist studios and galleries. Her Creative Loafing ( Weekly Planet) Art in Sight and Tampa Tribune Art Notes columns were known for promoting individual artists and encouraging the public to see art as accessible. Flair (Tampa Tribune) featured her artist profiles. 

She loves to write about artists working in an alternative medium or process, but good art wins out every time. 

She believes the best way to learn about artwork is talk directly to the artist;  she's never minds if she has to travel to meet the artist. 

Most of the art in her home was purchased from artists in the south, USF Graphic Studio or street artists in New York City. Home base is Tampa, but she is often in Nashville or New York City. 

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